Bloody Perfect concentrate was developed over a number of years.  I have always had a love of the drink and started experimenting with the right spices and peppers to create the tastiest balance of flavor and heat.

My Bloody Marys became well known among our friends and family.  When we traveled to the Imperial Sand Dunes and camped with large groups I would have a dozen or more red cups lined up in front of me each morning as I meticulously measured the ingredients and my friends waited patiently to taste the perfection.

I discovered that it was a labor intensive project to pack those special ingredients and make each drink individually.  I started working on a way to simplify the process and still keep the quality of the drink.  I decided to experiment with a concentrate using the fifteen ingredients.

The concentrate uses the same fresh, natural ingredients I originally used and instantly became a hit.  I began making batches and sharing it. With the encouragement of everyone using the concentrate, I decided to finally market it and Bloody Perfect concentrate was born.

Now everyone can make the perfect bloody mary. Our concentrate makes it very easy for everyone to customize their Bloody Mary.  The more you add, the hotter the drink.

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Here is what you will need for the perfect Bloody Mary

  • Bloody Perfect Concentrate
  • Vodka
  • Mr and Mrs T’s Bloody Mary mix (You can use V8 or Tomato Juice as well)
  • Clamato juice
  • Garlic stuffed olives
  • Salt and Pepper

Half fill a 16 oz glass with ice.  Add two ounces of vodka.  Add one to two teaspoons of Bloody Perfect concentrate.  Fill the remaining space in the glass with equal parts of Mr and Mrs T’s Bloody Mary mix and Clamato juice.  Mix well.  I usually do this by pouring the drink back and forth from glass to glass a few times.    Garnish with salt and pepper and place a garlic stuffed olive on top.  Occasionally I rim the glass with salt.  You have now created the perfect bloody Mary.

The use for my Bloody Perfect concentrate is growing.  We are hearing back from fans that they are using it to add that extra zing in everything from shrimp cocktail sauces to soups.  It has been used as a condiment for hot dogs and baked potatoes and some have used it as a salsa with tortilla chips.  We hope you will love this product as much as we do and will share your ideas and comments.